Q Acoustics Concept 5.1

254,900.00 (Each)

Key Features

  • With Q Acoustics’ new ‘Q B12 Subwoofer’ and ‘Concept 5.0’ Cinema Package, movie lovers can now experience soundtracks and dialogue with the same unparalleled sonic clarity that audiophiles enjoy from their award-winning Concept stereo models.
  • The outstanding level of performance is achieved because the ‘Concept’ models incorporate ‘Gelcore Construction’ loudspeaker cabinets. This ground breaking technology, developed by Q Acoustics, almost totally eliminates loudspeaker cabinet resonance – a major factor limiting the sonic performance of modern loudspeakers.
  • No Hollywood blockbuster soundtrack features explosions too loud, too deep or too powerful for Concept 5.1 Plus Home Cinema Speaker System to handle.
  • Gloss Black and Gloss White finishes complete the look of your living room and give you the best cinema sound experience.