26,360.00 (Pair)

Enjoy high-performance audio, ideal for music, distributed audio, and home theater installations. We’ave also refined the look underneath the grille over other in-wall/in-ceiling speakers for those who want to show off their high performance speakers.

Our Micro Ceramic Composite is an aluminium alloy with ceramic infusion. Micro-arc oxidation heats the aluminium base and produces a dense oxide on the metal surface. A micro-thin layer of ceramic is added to the allow and cooled. The result is our Micro Ceramic Composite that combines the stiffness and articulation of aluminium with the warmth and thickness of ceramic.

Tool-less magnetic grills, spring-loaded 5-way binding post, and industry standard “dog ear” mounting tabs make installation a breeze.

High quality components and a robust crossover network ensure that your speaker will provide immersive sound for years. 16AWG internal connecting wires deliver signal to the drivers, distortion-free.