BasX A-400z Zone Distribution Amplifier

The BasX A-400Z is a high-current two-channel audio distribution amplifier with flexible relay-controlled output switching, and the ability to drive up to four pairs of speakers. The A-400Z is also rated to drive loads as low as 2 Ohms and is stable into loads as low as one Ohm, which makes it the ideal choice for use with difficult to drive low impedance speakers. The A-400Z is built using proven technology including our short signal path class A/B output circuitry, and a microprocessor controlled intelligent protection system. Commercial grade construction and components throughout enable the A-400Z to provide excellent sound quality and superior technical performance with outstanding reliability and amazing flexibility.

The BasX A-400Z delivers true audiophile sound quality – with an extremely low noise floor and vanishingly low distortion. Output power is 100 watts RMS/channel into 8 Ohms, 150 watts RMS/channel into 4 Ohms, and 250 watts RMS/channel into 2 Ohms. Separate sets of full-sized five-way binding posts simplify connecting up to four pairs of stereo speakers. Each set of speakers is individually relay switched, and controlled by a separate front panel push button switch. For unmatched flexibility, the BasX A-400Z also features a built-in 80 Hz high-pass filter for use with one or more subwoofers, and a rear-panel Master Volume control for matching the gain to your other gear.